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 Clan War Rules

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PostSubject: Clan War Rules   Tue May 25, 2010 9:14 pm

You must take ss of every game and send it to one of the admins in order for the games to be counted and acknowledged.

Clan Rules

¬ Each Clan War must be agreed by both parties, and acknowledged that it is indeed a Clan War.

¬ A Clan War consists of 3 games; the clan who wins 2 games first, wins the Clan War.

¬ First game is CTF. If first game is a tie, then CTF is played again until one Clan wins.

¬ Second game is TS, and the tie breaker is CTF again.

¬ In an official TS game, objects such as banshee, over-shield, camouflage, flame thrower, and fuel rod gun are all banned. Parties who use the above objects will be disqualified immediately.

¬ If a clan wins the first CTF and TS, there will be no need to play the tiebreaker.

¬ If the tiebreaker game is a tie, the next game will be TS, and henceforth.

¬ Tie games do not count against a Clan's ratio.

¬ Ringers are not allowed in a Clan War

¬ All Members in the Clan, whom are participating in the Clan War, must be registered on the site.

¬ To avoid any unwanted disputes and confusions, proof of agreement to clan war must be avaliable upon request.

Player Rules

¬ Tags have to be worn at ALL times during Clan War.

¬ Obviously, no botting, walling, or Sight Jacking can be done during game. Doing so will get you removed from Halo Trial United

¬ Stick with ONE name, that you use in Clan Wars and the site.

¬ If a member of a clan leaves the server in the middle of the game, the game is still LIVE. A substitute that is registered on this website, from the same clan, may come in to take their place.

¬ If a member of a clan goes AFK in the middle of the game, the game is still LIVE. Nobody may sub in for that player as long as they are still in server.

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PostSubject: Re: Clan War Rules   Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:01 am

Rules have been updated concerning Subbing in a game.
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Clan War Rules
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