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PostSubject: k2w_ trox   Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:54 am

Hey all,

For those who don't know me, i'm Trox. I've been playing halo for roughly 5 years now and love it still. I'm glad to see a community forum for halo trial around now.

Anyway feel free to pm a hearty ello' or 1v1 request, i'd gladly take you up on your offer. : )

I forgot to mention the clanny stuff Razz

Okay I started out in a clan back in the day called SoS, then went onto NoS and eventually owned that. After that I was in a clan called AuS, then ExS (Halo full), and now i'm in a clan called k2w (krave2win).

See yous in battle ^^
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k2w_ trox
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