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 Best Stunt you've done

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PostSubject: Best Stunt you've done   Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:51 pm

Ah, the underdog gametype of Halo Trial, Stunting. How a rare sight it is, but at that a good one too. Please do say about what your best stunting experience has been. The only downside is that time flies when you stunt, a sign of you having fun.

Mine, Effyouseekay I dunno where to start.. hmm.. Probably discovering one of the biggest hit stunts with my good friend John aka Hawk, Stairway to Heaven. Theres been mods, gametypes and even comps, courtesy of Broomish. When i first met Prome while in Race i discovered he could stunt pretty well too, being able to go through the base non-stop.
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Best Stunt you've done
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