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 Gday People, Napes here. :D

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PostSubject: Gday People, Napes here. :D   Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:34 am

The Names Nape, Infernape. Been in all sorts of clans, Probably the top notch stunter of Trial with exception of Prome and Broomish. I'm nice, bad idea to tick me off. Dislikes SRC Leader very highly. I also am a fan of the Socceroos and Fremantle Dockers. I'm pretty good at Halo 1, from CE to Trial to Full (If my Full and CE multiplayer worked id be even more skilled.) Hope you guys get to know me well Very Happy Very Happy Oh did i mention °§®️Ç°§L££¶¥° + »£¶ÌǬÑŶ£« = a big feud.

Xfire: kinginfinity (I will never be on due to my Xfire not being usable. Beats me why)
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Gday People, Napes here. :D
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