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 Player Registration

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PostSubject: Player Registration   Wed May 26, 2010 3:28 am

Each registered player is required to tell us a little something about yourselves.

Your past clans, contact info, number of moths or years playing, and most importantly:
your current clan, and xfire.

If you are not in a clan, you have simply just registered for the 1 v 1 tournaments. If you have already registered, but then join a clan, click here.

Note there is no multiclanning here, so if you are multiclanning right now, you will have stick with the one you write down here (of course FV and CE clans do not count).

If you later leave your current clan, and join another one; if you change your name; or if you change your xfire, create a new post declaring so.

Thank you.
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Player Registration
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