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 Reputable Hosts

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PostSubject: Reputable Hosts   Wed May 26, 2010 1:32 am

Halo Trial United has just started, and we are currently understaffed.

Anyone who would be kind enough to offer to host a clan match, tournies, or simply bluedogs for the greater purpose of keeping trial alive will be much appreciated.

Your hard work will not be overlooked.

Thank you.


¬ Please provide your name and contact info if you wish to help us with hosting

¬ Please also include the amount of people you can host, and your geographical area.


US West Hosts:
Valen (any size)
Mator (any size)

US Mid Hosts:
Hydro (11)
Locke (9)
Tonic (any size)

US East Hosts:
Boat (any size)
Skruffy (?)
Sneaky (any size)
Bullet (any size)
Tsuki (?)

Euro Hosts:
Broomish (10)

Mortal (any size)
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Reputable Hosts
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