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 Intro and Rules

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PostSubject: Intro and Rules   Tue May 25, 2010 7:05 pm

"Halo Trial United was created to revive trial and transform it back to what it was in the old days - massive fun and highly competitive."

~Prome, '10

Nowadays, clans serve no real meaning: considering there are no longer any real clan wars. To be perfectly honest, scrimmaging with and against the same people over and over again with no particular goal becomes dull after a very short amount of time. Having said that, HTU welcome's any and all new or existing Halo trial clans and players to register.

~As soon as we have enough players and clans regisered, we will start hosting weekly tournies for clan wars, 1 v 1s, and other exciting matches! ( open to suggestions).~

HTU embrases one universal rule - Do not cheat.

Once you are caught with programs that giving you x-ray vision, or ones that make you twitch worse than a crack-addict, you will be banned from the site. No exceptions.

Also, in official clan war matches and / or tournaments, please do not use ringers. Only players from their clan are allowed to play in a clan match.

Team Switching and Lanning during official HTU 1 vs 1 or klan matches is considered cheating.

Last but not least, multiclanning is considered to be the same as cheating. There is NO multiclanning. Choose a clan you wish to stay with: that clan will be your one and only clan, until you wish to quit, or are kicked.

For the sake of your existence on Halo Trial United and the good of the entire Halo Trial community, I urge you to obey these rules.

Thank you


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Intro and Rules
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